WU Hsaio Yuan

Facets of life are always a focus in artistic creation.  In an attempt to manifest every sensation within a work and present a cross-section of contemporary life and the era, an urban lifestyle aesthetic is evoked that lies beyond a high degree of clarity and vivid colors. One of the most important color sources for a city is light.  With this as the creative theme, these works explore the urban landscape presented within different light rays and halos.


Within these scenes, an image’s fuzziness enhances rather than obscures its reality.  For such works, details are not necessary because light is the primary focus.  Through the arrangement of each dot, bits of reality’s guise are shown and the emotions in reality can be observed.  By observing through eyes and a camera capturing light invisible to naked eyes, these images are aesthetically pleasing to her, allowing her to sense the essence of an era.


These images resembling scenery are cross-sections of space.  Through these paintings, she wants to express a city’s memories.


In this new series of works in 2014, there seems to be an impermeable surface that our vision cannot penetrate. In front of our eyes, all lights and objects condense at a point in time. It was a moment that is no longer there, and it cannot be replaced. She attempt to depict a certain sense of timeliness through a repeated stacking process of painting.


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