Lin Jhih Fan

This creation/essay starts from our own sense of loss, and the process of creation rituals were completed through the meditation and the guidance of literature review. In terms of literature review, the readings of psychology, religions, life and death, and existence were integrated.


In addition, along with the process of content reading and thinking, the author attempted to explore the truth of existence the other means, i.e., meditation, which attempted to guide ourselves and internalize our own experience and thinking would then lead us to comprehend the pleasure which truth brings.


At last, the above mentioned thoughts were divided into two categories: self- shutdown, and the debate and return. 

Self-shutdown refers to the status that we felt lost in normal situations.  In addition to the emotional venting via creation, I also respond to how the viewers are at that moment. 

The debate and return, refers to that through our own body, the major creation platform, the actions of self-meditation, self-control, and self-debate are induced.


Furthermore the copyrighted dance and image techniques also operate the body symbols.

Such adventures restructure self and bring the new significances to self. In terms of presentation of the creation, I hope to appeal to viewers for getting rid of self and moving towards to the return of the whole universe through the de-individual, de-culture and de-society factors.



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