Koyama   Toshitaka

Wang Chun-chin ( 1981~ ), Kaohsiung, Taiwan. R.O.C.

2005 Graduated from ALLS department of CYCU in Taiwan.

2009 Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi International Photography Contest _ First Place

2009 Moved to Peng-hu which is an island of Taiwan, and stared to study photography for almost one year.


2010 Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi International Photography Exhibition

2011 Moved to Gunma in Japan for studying photography for several months.

2013 L'arbre de vie Art Gallery _ 2013 Koyama Toshitaka Solo Exhibition.

2013 I-Le Art Gallery_ 2013 Koyama Toshitaka Solo Exhibition.

2014 L'arbre de vie Art Gallery _ 2014 Koyama Toshitaka Solo Exhibition.

2014 PX3, Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3), Paris Photo Competition with 4 third place and 2 Honorable mention.


2014 IPA.International Photography Awards with 2Honorable mention.



2015 Art Edition 2015 Hong Kong

2015 Young Art Taipei


2015 Formosa Art Fair


2015 241 Art Gallery _2015 Koyama Toshitaka Solo Exhibition.


2015 IPA.International Photography Awards with 2 Honorable mention


2015 Le Tour de l'Art Art Gallery _ 2015 Koyama Toshitaka Solo Exhibition in Paris, France






2016 Young Art Taipei


2016 Formosa Art Fair

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