Lin Jhih Fan Solo Exhibition 

March 6 2015 - April 11 2015

Our Spring show, opening March 6th 2015, features a brilliant up and coming Taiwanese artist. Born in Taipei, Lin, Jhih Fan studied Fine Art at the Tainan University of Technology from 2001 to 2005. During those years she experimented with a wide variety of materials, which she all abandoned upon graduating. 

She swiftly changed course and started dancing. Having no formal education in that field whatsoever, she developed her individual style finding inspiration in street dance for the first years, and later on, as she matured, in contemporary academic dance styles. It was during those years she reconnected the link to the visual arts as she started using the temporal sculpting of her body as the basis for photographic recordings. 

Seven years have gone by since then and Lin, Jhih Fan has shown her unique development in numerous group shows. In 2013 she had her first solo show in Black and White Art Space in Taichung, Mixed Art Design & Life in Taipei and in the same year she won the New Taipei City New Artist Award. In 2014 she obtained her master in Visual Art at the Taipei University.


R. Gallery is proud to present Jhih Fan’s strong statement in black and white. On the first floor we exhibit the installations comprised of diptychs, in which the artist alternates between symmetry and balance. Opposite we installed a set of LCD screens showing “When will the moon be clear and bright?” an elegant animation of the artists corporal members. 


Two somewhat larger photographic prints combining positive and negative details of dance moments lead us to the second floor where we introduce you to Jhih Fan’s latest creation. A delicately composed choreography illuminates the corner of the room. Through a narrow incision in a curtain, we observe delicate sounds seemingly triggering the superimposed dance movements.

Artist Lin, Jhih Fan ’s world is one of timing, complexity and intuitive story telling.



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