Tao Wen-yueh




Like a soul gate, memory transcends temporal and spatial dimensions. From sunrise to sunset, in an awakened or dream state, memory frequently circulates and surges in the mind, be it the knowledge acquired from books, a persona journey, or physical experiences derived from creative practices. The passing of tooday assumes thomorrow’s transformation regarding the retina of memories, seizing the happenings of all events like that of photography. One by one, faded, black and white, and color images and photos emerge…The fragments and settings are sometimes fuzzy and sometimes clearly delineated, resembling the piecing together of puzzles. Including in reminiscence has always been the highlight of Tao Wen-yueh’s  artistic practices.

The production of memory is associated with self-consciousness, as well as the scope of time and space, yet requires an engagement with life. If life lacks interactive elements, the existence of memory would be rendered valueless. To Tao Wen-yueh, creation of art work shown in Sublimation of Boundaries International Contemporary Art Exhibition is a self examination and self- reflection of one’s inner world. The elements of inspiration contain one’s emotion accumulated through the passage of time, tender thoughts of fleeting life, intense concern for natural environment and longing for the future world. Many people are used to recording their living by keeping a diary; however, he is used to expressing them by sketching and painting. Instead of explaining by characters, he clarifies concepts by points, lines, planes and totems. These simple refined images, not limit to any combination of abstract or concrete formalities, help him reach an even larger imaginative space.

【Educational Background】

1994-Received Graduate Diploma in Painting, Department of Spatial Design, ENSAD (LÉcole nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs), Paris, France

1987-Received Diploma in Western Painting, Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts (National Academy of Arts), Taipei



2017-Invited resident artist at the Cerulean Art Colony in Keelung

2017-Served as Sketch Collection Inspection Committee member at the      National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in Taichung

2012-Lecturer of Art Education Program, Talented Young Students of New  Taipei City

2012-Member, Taipei Fine Arts Museum Collection Committee

2012-Invited Artist, Taipei Circle Art Village Creative Art Platform

2011-Part-time Lecturer, Department of Arts and Design, National Taipei    University of Education

2010-Member, Keelung City Cultural Affairs Bureau Advisory Council

2009-Invited Artist, the Cultural and Creative Industry Park of National        Taiwan University of Arts

1998-Judge, Youth Center Arts Council, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France

1995-Representative in France, Paris Foundation of Art, France

1993~05-Teaching assistant, ENSAD

1987-Studied in France


【Solo Exhibitions】


2016-Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei

2015-“Recollection·Introspection,” De-ming Gallery, National Dr. Sun            Yatsen Memorial Hall

2014-“Memory·Abstraction·Countenance,” Art's New World-2014/                  (Zohong Shan) 1th International Shapers Fine Art Expo

2014-“Memory·Journey,” National Taiwan Ocean University-Art Center

2014-“Writing Memory,” PX Mart Foundation Art Space

2013-“Inspiration.Visual Field,” Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei

2012-“Encounter,” More Art Studio, Hsinchu

2011-“Existential Thinking,” Art Revolution Taipei, Taipei

2010-“Crossing.Thinking,” Landmark Inn, Hsinchuang

2005-“Memory.Life,” Sing Art Gallery, Tainan

2004-“Memory.Abstraction” joint exhibition, City Cultural Center,                Keelung

2004-“Hope Space,” Safulak Art Village, Hsinchu

2001-“Stages of Feeling,” Dimensions Art Center, Taipei

1999-“The Line of Memory,” Dimensions Art Center, Taipei and Taichung

1997-Espace Icare, Issy-Les Moulineaux, France

1996~07-“Delineation of Mental Concepts,” Howard Salon, Taipei and          Kaohsiung

1995-“The Turning Point of Spirit,” Dimensions Art Center, Taipei

1994-Howard Salon duo exhibition, Taipei

1994-“The Marching of Time,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

1992-Espace Bateau-Lavoir duo exhibition, Paris, France


【Joint Exhibitions】(Extract)

2017-“Sublimation of Boundaries”, Rhythm Gallery, Taipei

2017-One Belt One Road - Exhibition of Sketch Works by Well-known            Cross - Strait and Hong Kong Painters - Hong Kong City Hall

2017-The 12th Night - What You Will - Metaphysical Art Gallery

2016-Contemporary Taiwan - An Exhibition of Art Classics - Extraordinary    Art Gallery

2016-“Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Taiwan,” Fondation Taylor,          Paris

2016-“Cross-Strait Cultural Exchange,” Dahsin Art Museum, Guangzhou        Huadu

2016-“Deconstruction and Liberation of Ink Painting,” Phoenix Art Palace,    Wuxi

2015-“Sans Limites, Sans Frontières: l'Echange d’Art Taiwan- France,”            National Dr. Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall, Taiwan

2015-“Contemporary Chinese Culture Exhibition,” Saint-Petersburg State    University, Russia

2014-“The Return of Glory - Thirty Years of Yilan Art Exhibition,” Yilan            Museum of Art

2014-“A Retrospective: 50 Years of Modern Painting in Taiwan,” ARKI              GALÉRIA, Taipei

2014-“Gathered in Arts Hall” - A7958 Contemporary Art Opening                    Exhibition- A7958

2014-Contemporary Art, Taichun “Is Paper?,” Meraphysical Art Gallery,          Taichung

2014-“Taipei Contemporary Art Exhibition”- Shanghai Meibo Art Center,      Shanghai

2014-“28th Asian International Art Exhibition,” Kinmen Culture Park Folk      History Museum, Kinmen

2013-“Formless Form: Taiwanese Abstract Art,” Guangdong Museum of        Art, Guangdong

2013-“A Retrospective: 50 Years of Modern Painting in Taiwan,” ARKI              GALERIA, Taipei

2013-“Impressions Marvel” Taiwanese trio exhibition of oil paintings,            Enjoy Museum of Art, Beijing 798 Art Zone, Beijing

2013-“Heaven and Earth X Infinity,” Bo Art Gallery, Taipei

2012-“27th Asian International Art Exhibition,” Rajchadamnern                      Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2012-“Start from Zero: Small with Infinitely Large,” Metaphysical Art              Gallery, Taipei

2012-“Formless Form: Taiwanese Abstract Art,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum,    Taipei

2012-“Perplexed or Not, Abstract or Not,” Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei

2012-“Taiwan-Korea Modern Art Exchange Exhibition,” Carrie Chang Fine    Arts Center, Tamkang University, Taipei

2012-“Splendor.Classics,” Harvest Art Gallery, Taipei

2012-“Documenting.Contemporary: Celebrated Contemporary Artists        Exhibition,”  King Car Education Foundation, Yilan

2011-“Cross-Strait Artists Invitational Exhibition,” Tsuiheng Museum,            Zhongshan, Guangdong

2011-“26th Asian International Art Exhibition,” Hangaram Art Museum of    Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

2011-“Return to the Essence: Survey of Contemporary Abstract Painting in  Taiwan Part Two,” Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei

2011-“Threshold of Re-enchantment,” Licence Art Gallery, Tainan

2011-“Harmony in China” calligraphy exhibition, Liangbao Lou Exhibition    Center, Xi’an

2011-“Hymn to Spring: Cross-Strait Calligraphy Exhibition,” Quanzhou          Museum, Quanzhou “100th Anniversary and 100 Paintings~ Taiwan

2011-Contemporary Artists Invitation Exhibition,” Sun Yat-sen Memorial      Hall, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Tainan Municipal                          Cultural Center, Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan

2010-“Cross-Strait Artists Exchange Exhibition,” Tsuiheng Museum,                Zhongshan, Guangdong

2010-“National Taiwan University of Arts Creative Park Residence Artists      Group Show 333,” Art Incubation Gallery, Banciao 

2010-“25th Asian International Art Exhibition,” Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2010-“Sea Poetry Route Migration,” Mazu, Kinmen, and Fujian

2010-“Contemporary Images,” TIN ART Contemporary Art Space, Taichung

2010-“Taipei Modern Painting Exhibition,” Hainan Provincial Museum,          Hainan

2009-“24th Asian International Art Exhibition,” National Art Gallery, Kuala    Lumpur, Malaysia

2009-“Art Dimension-New Vision,” A Gallery, Taipei      

2009-“The First Touch-Taipei.Kunming.Hong Kong Contemporary Art      Group Exhibition,”99 Art Space, Kunming

2008-“A Hundred Launches.Emerging Contemporary Artists Exhibition,”    A-7958 Gallery, Taichung

2008-“Taiwan.International Mini Print and Drawing Exhibition,” Gallery      of National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei

2008-“Capital Art Center- Le Salon Joint Exhibition,” Grand Palais, Paris,        France

2008-“Art Dimension.New Vision” trilogy exhibition, Guan Xiang Art            Gallery, Taipei

2008-“Floating Island,” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

2007-“Modern Painter Association,”Kaohsiung Cultural Center and                Tamkang University Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, Kaohsiung and           Taipei 

2007-“Beyond Realm,” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Angel Life Pavilion,      Taipei 

2007-“Capital Art Center- Le Salon Joint Exhibition,” Grand Palais, Paris,        France

2006-IK Art Space, Issy-les-moulineaux, Paris, France “Capital Art Center-    Le Salon Joint Exhibition,” Grand Palais, Paris, France

2005-“Taipei Contemporary Artists Exhibition,” Kunming Museum,                Kunming

2005-Pingtung Art Festival, Pingtung “New Drawing Exhibition,” National      Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei     

2005-“Blocks Shifting II,” National Central University Art Center, Taoyuan

2005-“L'oeil du touriste,” Gallery Patricia Dorfmann, Gallery Frédéric              Giroux, and Gallery Alain le Gaillard, Paris, France

2005-“China-Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition,” Hexiangning Art                Museum and Sejong Center, Shenzhen and Seoul

2004-“Blocks Shifting I,” Gallery 456 and Cork Gallery Lincoln Center, New    York, U.S.A

2004-“Movie, Drama, Art,” Library MK2-Espace, Paris, France

2004-“Salon Comparison,” Espace Auteuil, Paris, France

2003-“Envision Anting New Town” Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai  

2001-Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai The 49th Salon Exhibition, Charenton Le  Pont, Paris, France

1999-“Rencontre Fortuite de Conscience” Overseas Young Artists                  Exhibition, Chinese Culture Center, Paris, France

1997-“Taipei-Paris: Tendances de I'Art Abstrait Exhibition,” Cultural Center    of Taiwan in Paris, Paris, France

1996-Overseas Young Artists Exhibition, Chinese Culture Center, Paris,        France

1994~01-The 6th, 7th, 8th, and 10th International Biennial Print and            Drawing Exhibition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

1993-The 13th Biennial Mediterranean Art Festival, Nice, France

1992-Invitational Painting Exhibition, French National Memorial Museum,    Paris, France

1992-International Young Artists Salon, Grand Palais, Paris, France

1991-Young Artists Salon, ELNE, France

1990-S.A.G.A.'90 Art Exhibit, Grand Palais, Paris, France




2013-Received “Creative Arts Award,” the 54th Annual China Art and            Literature Prize

2010-Received the 39th “Distinguished Alumni Award,” National Taiwan        University of Arts

1995-Awarded “Golden Prize (Drawing),” the 7th International Biennial        Print and Drawing Exhibition, Taipei

1992-Awarded “Best Painting Prize,” the 13th Biennial Mediterranean Art    Festival, Nice, France

1991-Awarded “Best Painting Prize,” ENSAD, Paris, France

1991-Awarded “Best Painting Prize,” Young Artists Salon, ELNE, France

1987-Awarded “First Prize for Oil Painting,” R.O.C. Ministry of Education        Literature and Art Awards

1987-Awarded “First Prize for Nature Watercolor Painting,” Chairman's        Cup

1986-Awarded “First Prize for Oil Painting,” National Academy of Arts            Exhibition



Artworks collected by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Arts Education Center, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, National Museum of History, Shanghai Anting Town Museum, Fujian Quanzhou Museum, Guangdong Tsuiheng Museum, Keelung City Cultural Affairs Bureau, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Pingtung County, and by private collectors in the United States, Canada, France, Singapore, and Taiwan.



2016-“Infinitesimal.Infinity,” Red Gold Fine Art Publications

2014-“Recollection.Introspection,” Red Gold Fine Art Publications

2013-“Inspiration.Visual Field,” Tao Wen-yueh Publications

2011-“Existential Thinking,” Tao Wen-yueh Publications

2004-“Memory.Abstraction,” Keelung City Cultural Center

2001-“The Stages of Feeling,” Dimensions Art Center

1999-“The Line of Memories,” Dimensions Art Center

1996-“Delineation of Mental Concepts,” Howard Salon

1995-“The Turning Point of Spirit,” Dimensions Art Center

1994-“The Marching of Time - Reminiscence and Prospective,” Tao Wen-       yueh Publications



1994~2016 Published 10 catalogues

2016-“Histroy, Glory and Masterpiece,” Artist Magazine

2015-“Retreat to Quietude-The Interiors of Chien Cheng-Hsiung,” Tianbu      Art and Culture Foundation

2012~2013-“Art.Discourse” column, Hetai Think Tank

2009-“Abstract.Avant-garde.Li Chun-Shan,” Lion Art

Art criticism essays and articles published in ARTCO, CANS Art, Artist Magazine, Art Appreciation Journal, Art

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